• Tracy Henderson


    MA, LMHCA | Counselor


  • What I Do

    My therapy services are focused towards individuals and couples.


    I work with males ranging from adolescent to young men, husbands, and fathers, who are experiencing emotional challenges with their friends or parents, wife or partner, with their son or daughter, among social circles, or professionally.


    For couples, I provide support navigating the ebbs and flows in relationships, while also working with you to identify the repeating patterns that lead to challenges within your relationship. We work together to strengthen your foundation by offering tools and strategies to effectively communicate, manage conflict, and connect emotionally.


    I am passionate about supporting couples in their effort to have fun and find enjoyment in their relationship.


    If you feel challenged by a current situation and you’re not sure how to move forward then let's talk. We’ll discuss what's going on for you and develop an approach that’s specific to both you and the individual needs of the situation.




  • Men


    I work with men to open up and develop the skills to enable emotional flexibility. These tools allow men to find a balance, manage their emotions, and interact with others in a healthy way.


    Emotions can be overwhelming and flooding. As a man, a husband, or a father you have been influenced by cultural norms, social pressures, and a "guy code" that instills a distorted belief that sharing emotions lessens your masculinity. You may have experienced first-hand the messaging "don't be soft" or "toughen up." Over the years, the results from exposure to one or many of these experiences may lead to a number of sideways behaviors, ultimately impacting your relationships and personal health. Additionally, the needs of your spouse, family, and social pressures add even more layers of difficulty to an already complicated situation.


    I strongly believe that men benefit tremendously from developing a solid social and emotional foundation. The advantage from learning how to recognize, manage, and communicate our emotions has lifetime benefits. It's never to late to start! In addition, it is essential for fathers to model, develop, and nurture both emotional and social skills with their sons and daughters as they mature into adulthood.


    If you feel challenged by a current situation and you’re not sure how to move forward then let's talk. We’ll discuss what's going on for you and develop an approach that’s specific to both you and the overall needs of the situation.



  • Adolescent

    If there’s one constant in this world, it’s that things always change. Change is hard for a lot of us…especially when you’re navigating your way toward adulthood.


    My clients are full of questions like: Who am I? How am I supposed to act? I don’t know what I should be? Or some feel lost and they don’t fit in… and some say they’re not good enough and nobody listens to them or loves them.


    Whether it’s about a specific traumatic change like divorce, finding ways to understand your emotions, or learning how to build better communication between you and your parents, or maybe it’s just about figuring out who you really are, where you want to go and how to get there. Either way, you deserve and will get the same respect of any adult that walks through my door.


    I am an ally, mentor, and resource to my young clients. I offer - no BS, straight talk and “real” listening. It’s a two way street, and for me to help you move forward, we need to build an open, honest, and trusting relationship.


    If you feel challenged by a current situation and you’re not sure how to move forward then let's talk. We’ll discuss what's going on for you and develop an approach that’s specific to both you and the overall needs of the situation.



  • Emotions

    Each of us are unique individuals who express ourselves in very different ways. There is not a right way to be, but rather there are emotional signs and behaviors that we project to others which tend to communicate we need and want help.


    For males of all ages experiencing and expressing soft and hard emotions can be an uncomfortable experience. Commonly, males of all ages restrict emotions, project anger and aggression towards others, or adopt isolating routines. On other occasions, males of all ages also tend to mask their discomfort through a "stoic" demeanor. Eventually, physical signs and internal discomfort begin to surface and provide additional emotional clues.


    In a relationship both individuals bring an emotional heritage with them that infiltrates the relationship at some point. Most couples find themselves rehearsing the same perpetual disagreement over and over until emotions run high and the conversation and behavior eventually goes sideways. By that point, both partners often find themselves flooded, exhausted, and overwhelmed by the threat of another argument as well as they feel unsafe sharing their emotions. Escalated arguments, distancing from one-another, and shutting down are common signs that one or both partners are hurting emotionally.


    • Anger, irritability, or aggressiveness towards others
    • Restricting anxiety in common social situations
    • Obsessive thinking or unwillingness to compromise with others
    • Unhealthy compulsive behavior that interfere with work, family, or social situations
    • Noticeable changes in mood, energy level, or appetite
    • Difficulty sleeping or sleeping too much
    • Unable to concentrate, feel restless, or on edge
    • Feeling regularly stressed from work or ongoing commitments
    • Need for alcohol or drugs to help cope
    • Engaging in unusual high-risk activities
    • Ongoing sadness or hopelessness
    • Feeling unusually flat or having trouble feeling positive for an extended period of time
    • Regular headaches, digestive issues, or unusual aches & pain
    • Isolating one self from family and friends


    If you find yourself, or someone close to you is experiencing one or several of the examples above for an extended period of time then let's talk.


  • Couples

    I work with couples as a resource. By this, I mean I provide support untangling a recent complicated situation that may have occurred or digging in and sorting out longstanding differences that have built up. I offer support and guidance in re-visiting conversations that may have never taken place.


    For many couples, there are conversations that never took place and should have. The stages of a relationship speed up and these critical conversations never happened. Years can pass and both partners feel embarrassed or carry personal shame that now it's too late to talk about these sensitive topics that are drivers of the repeating patterns taking place in the relationship. Conversations include topics such as, Money and Finances, Children and Parenting Style, Division of Labor, Sexual Fantasy and Comfort, and/ or Emotional Style.


    Furthermore, I offer pro-active strategies using emotion based therapies such as Gottman Method Couples and Emotionally Focused Therapy to prepare and strengthen your relationship for short-term and long-term transitions. Such as:

    • marriage
    • a child
    • a second child
    • working through an infidelity
    • career change
    • balancing a business
    • going back to school
    • loss of connection as kids have grown up and moved on
    • managing a busy household
    • long term care of a family member
    • loss of a loved one

    I believe commitment to another human is a practice that requires our attention, intention, and constant effort. If you feel challenged by a current situation and you’re not sure how to move forward then let's talk. We’ll discuss what's going on for both of you and develop an approach that addresses your individual needs , as well as, the overall needs of the relationship.




  • “I am not what happened to me,

    I am what I choose to become.”

    C.G. Jung

  • Bio


    My wife and I have been together for almost 20 years. Together we have been blessed with two children who keep us young and active!


    I enjoy traveling, reading, cooking, being active outdoors, sharing life with friends, and continuing to chase the dream and learn how to play an instrument!


    It’s a privilege working with my clients and I am humbled by their strength, courage, vulnerability, and trust.

    Experience & Education

    • MA in Counseling Psychology, Bastyr University 2014
    • MS in Information Management, University of Washington 2008
    • BA from The Evergreen State College, Olympia 1997
    • The Bastyr Center for Natural Health in Fremont, WA.
    • Renton Area Youth and Family Services (RAYS) Renton, WA.
    • Foster High School in Tukwila, WA
    • Secondary Learning Center in Renton, WA
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    South Lake Union


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  • Cost


    Individual session | $125

    Couples session | $150


    I believe therapy should be accessible to everyone. Don't let cost stop you from calling. Please contact me for more information regarding flexible billing.


    Cash, check, or credit including Health Savings Accounts.


    Please note: I do not accept insurance, but I can provide you with a receipt that you can submit to your insurance company for potential reimbursement as an Out of Network provider. I will not bill, or make submissions for reimbursement to your health insurance provider.

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