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Try This....

  • Learn to calm yourself. Seek to understand the power of the nervous system and what triggers your limbic system.
  • Identify what matters to you. Clarify what are your wants, needs, and the forcing functions that move you towards action, connection, etc.
  • Understand how you reinforce your effort towards what matters, satisfying what you want/need, and maintaining the minimum dose.
  • Identify what type of apology, closure, forgiveness, etc. closes the loop for you. How do you repair?
  • Identify how you fill in the blanks with past, present, or future stories, narratives, and explanations. Differentiate facts from fiction...
  • Build self confidence through practice by being open to exposure, experience, and reflection. Grow confidence through competence and completion...
  • Develop your metrics of success. Identify how you measure, acknowledge, and celebrate your effort and action.
  • Get to know your different parts. We have a number of characters that live and operate within us. Get to know who sits at your table.
  • Understand how you show up for yourself and with others. Identify and seek to understand what is your role with others.
  • Identify your capabilities, strengths, and superpowers. In addition, know what your opportunities are, the traps in your life, your blindspots, and the obstacles you may need to overcome.
  • Understand we are not perfect. Rather a work in progress. Life is a series of pressure tests that inform your intentional practice towards your aspirational self. Practice kindness and compassion towards yourself...
  • Practice setting boundaries by starting with yourself and then with others. Identify your limits, understand what is "me" and what is "not me."
  • Practice being social by engaging in environments with others, being open to strangers, and putting yourself out there by sharing about you. By engaging with others you may reduce discomfort and open up connections you may never have imagined.