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Be Where Your Feet Are...

As the days add up and the ambiguity remains the mental muscle to “stay upbeat” can get challenging.

One mental exercise to add to your routine and help build your mental muscle involves a message to yourself – “be where your feet are.”


Repeat the message like reps at the gym.


3 sets of 8 – “be where my feet are.”


Next time you find yourself looking in the rear-view mirror and overcome with sadness or hopeless feelings.


3 sets of 8 – “be where my feet are.”


Next time you find yourself jumping ahead and fixating into the future of what you/we don’t know which can exacerbate anxious feelings.


Take the exercise one step further and write it down on POST-IT notes and place them in spots around the house as reminders – “be where my feet are.”


Go even further with the exercise and create a “can do” list that enables you to be in the moment, to be where my feet are, and identify activities you CAN DO and HAVE CONTROL over.


“Can Do”

  • Make bed
  • Take shower
  • Read
  • Listen
  • Sing
  • Eat
  • Bake | Cook
  • Clean
  • Laugh
  • Create
  • Breathe

The undercurrent of ambiguity and the unknown can sweep us up and take us to places that we prefer not to go. Therefore, fuel that mental muscle with healthy exercises that will build you up.


The exercise takes time and reps to build up the muscle. Therefore, be kind and patient with yourself. Set the expectation that you want to get to a neutral place among all the ambiguity around.


Neutral puts you at the intersection of hopeless and hopeful.


Be where your feet are, focus on the next step, focus on what you can do, and move towards hope!