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#I Love My Partner

How often do you share with your friends, family, or co-workers how passionate you are about a hobby, an issue, supporting a cause, etc.? How many signs in the front yard, t-shirts, or trucker hats do you own that speak to your cause?


It’s very common to hear from someone that they are rallying to support a well-deserved cause or posting on social media how they feel about an issue.


On the other hand. How often do you actually hear, in-person, from a friend, family member, or co-worker how much they genuinely love their partner? Not necessarily via some social forum but real deal in-person communication?


When was the last time you came across a t-shirt with #LoveMyWife? #LoveMyPartner? #LoveMyHusband?


Probably not that frequent….


There’s a stigma associated with relationships that are happy, content, functional, and thriving. It’s not always “cool” to be genuinely happy.


Misery loves company and for many when they have the opportunity to meet-up and engage with friends, family, or co-workers they want to “fit in” and the court of public opinion sways heavily in the direction of “what’s wrong” in a relationship vs. “what’s good.”


The fastest way to be the “buzzkill” at a party is to show-up and share with others how much “I love my wife!” or “partner” or “husband.”


For many, relationships are a struggle, a constant source of challenges, and a never-ending battle. You can only swipe right or left so many times before you finally get tired of trying…


Which leads me to advocate to couples when they are happy, content, thriving, and genuinely in-love with each other.


Don’t hide it. Don’t be afraid to share how much you genuinely appreciate and love your partner! Be humble but don’t apologize for it. Celebrate it and encourage others.


For many, possibly everyone, the dream is to find someone who we connect with and who inspires us, challenges us, keeps us safe, makes us laugh, allows us to cry, or simply just gives us the space to be ourselves.


I advocate for my clients to inspire others to believe it’s possible. A happy, engaged, and loving relationship is possible. It takes work. A lot of work.


Nothing comes easy in life and love is at the top of the chart. The pursuit of love is a testament to challenging ourselves and understanding just how hard we are willing to work for it.


With that said, when you find love and experience love or even work hard to develop it and achieve it don’t be afraid to say “I Love my Wife!” or “Partner” or “Husband.”