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Is It Time To Find Your Rhythm?

Do you live life to the beat of your own drum? Are you that person that does what they want regardless of what others say? Or, as the popular saying goes, do you dance like no one is watching?

Do you know your rhythm? If so, don’t stop being you….

On the other hand, if you struggle to dance when others are watching, or you struggle to find the beat of your own drum or you do exactly what others want you to do.

Read on…

What do I mean by rhythm? Rhythm is the process of knowing your “self.” Living and functioning, in a way, without thinking about it. A feeling of “flow” that sparks joy, inspiration, and boundless energy within your thoughts, movements, and intentions.

Rhythm is a feeling, a spirit, an exchange of words without speaking, a glance, finishing a sentence for someone because you “get them.”

Finding your rhythm, as an individual and in relationships, can be challenging. Although when you identify what it is, how it feels, and experience the benefits from it then you’ll be hungry for more. It can become the fuel to inspire you to go for it, do more, be more, or just simply appreciate that spark of “joy” in a moment.

For many individuals there is usually one obstacle in the way – yourself. On the other hand, in relationships, there are three obstacles. You, the other person, and the relationship between the two of you.

The rhythm I am advocating for isn’t restricted to your favorite musical genre. It has nothing to do with choreography or your dance abilities…

This rhythm has to do with your day-to-day flow and building an understanding of what, how, who, and when you can maximize your opportunity to experience that state of being.

How do you know if you are in rhythm? That’s a personal matter that each person experiences uniquely. The questions, to identify your own rhythm, are not complicated nor are they all encompassing. It starts from within.

Let your curiosity lead you, explore the routine aspects around what you do, who you interact with, what information you consume, and the context for which these activities take place. All the while, check-in with yourself, evaluate each of the activities you encounter. You may find some activities feel as though you are chewing on glass and are extremely distasteful. While, on the other end of the spectrum, some activities may be fulfilling and inspiring.

You decide what and where the activities fall. What is important is to gather insights and understanding into how these experiences contribute to or detract from your ability to get into a rhythm. For example, activities that you consider “fulfilling” should be experienced more often, while other activities, that feel like you are “chewing glass,” should be de-prioritized appropriately. Or, if possible, disregarded entirely.

You want to ensure you are incorporating the activities that spark rhythm in your day, no matter what, while fitting in all other activities as they can|should|need to be. Be intentional and focus your efforts on finding and feeling that rhythm within yourself, across your relationships, and throughout the activities you are involved in.

Then, use that valuable insight to guide your day-to-day efforts. If you find yourself feeling out of sorts, tired, clunky, withdrawn, mechanical, flat, or lack that “spark” in your step then take some time to check-in with yourself and see what might have you out of rhythm.

Be curious, be open, and be willing to find your rhythm and dance like no one is watching!